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About club

Paintball club «SPARTA» was created in 2007 by two men Tactical Paintball Team «Spartans». Teams, which was at the origin of the Tactical paintball in Ukraine and that his efforts and those of other tactical teams helps the formation and development of paintball in Ukraine.
TPK «Spartans» is a participant and winner of many sports tournaments and tactical combat maneuvers over the entire territory of Ukraine. The purpose of the Club "Sparta" is the realization of all the accumulated combat experience and knowledge to organize the most exciting and interesting leisure activities for you, your family, friends, your employees or your team's training.

Paintball club «SPARTA» is a member of paintball clubs Ukraine and its exclusive representative on the territory of Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa region.

The purpose of the Club and its mission, we believe:

  • promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  • outdoor activities of any people.

One of our main goals is to promote healthy and active lifestyles among children and youth. We support proactive stance among the inhabitants of Ukraine and oppose vegetative and passive lifestyle.
Currently, Club «SPARTA» offers:

  • 50 sets of rolling equipment (marker, Balon). Even today, at the same time on our site can play 50 people!
  • 140 set of individual clothing and equipment. 140 people can take part in the game and have a unique set of gear: camouflage suit, protection mask.
  • 10 sets of VIP rolling equipment. We give the opportunity to anyone who wishes to feel the tactical paintball, equipped with the latest weapons. At your service: Vest, tubs, take-out bag results back, mamba, modern tactical marker with the electronic pen, bandanna, tactical gloves, knee pads, nepoteyuschaya mask with double thermal glass, and so on.

Conducting corporate games and mini-tournaments for various interesting scenarios supported by Tactical Paintball Team "Spartans" number of participants up to 140 people, while staying on the field of battle up to 50 people. Format from 5 to 25 5 to 25.
It offers automatic marker, machine guns and long guns.
For women and children who are not yet ready to fight alongside their husbands, provided a paintball shooting range. For the first time in Ukraine - a unique paintball equipment and a variety of targets at different heights provide an interesting pastime for your family.
Paintball club «SPARTA» is looking forward to you at our site in Gorky Park. Gorky, and he recalls that Paintball will help you to develop the sharpness of thinking, reaction, resistance to stressful situations, exercise, a commitment to all kinds of life situations and provides other benefits. In addition to the feelings and conditions that you will experience in the game of paintball is also so important for all of us, communication, friendship, strengthen friendly relations and personal qualities of people.

Welcome to our club - «SPARTA». We work for you in the Gorky Park. Gorky all year including weekends and holidays from 9:00 to 21:00.

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