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Paintball fields

Paintball Golf Club «Sparta» in Central Park to them. Gorky in Vinnitsa

Home Playground Paintball club «Sparta» is located in the heart of Vinnitsa - Central Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky.

The site is decorated in the style of the Ukrainian village, the dimensions of 100 x 120 meters, there is a possibility to divide the site into 2 parts for the simultaneous game 4 teams;

On the perimeter of the pad stretched heavy-duty mesh height of 5 meters; in the entrance area there is a security corridor.

Throughout the site are scattered various types of protective structures for a varied and interesting gameplay: mills, cellars, wells, toilets, fences, haystacks and more.

Area stationary, work schedule - all year round from 9:00 to 21:00 weekends and holidays.

On site there is a paintball shooting range, with a unique paintball equipment.

It is planned the possibility of evening and night paintball.

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